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Colin McRae: DIRT dated

PC, 360 demo tomorrow.

A source close to Codemasters has revealed that Colin McRae: DIRT will be released on Xbox 360 and PC on 15th June. The PlayStation 3 version is expected to follow at a later date.

PC and 360 owners will also get a chance to try out the game tomorrow, when two new demos will be available. The console version from Xbox Live and the PC download from the Codemasters website.

Included in the demo will be three modes. Crossover will put you up against Colin McRae on the twisty Avelsbachring course in Germany. You'll race in carbon copies of his Subaru Impreza WRX STI spec C model, complete with all the interior trimmings from the 2006 Summer X-Games.

Championship Off-Road Racing, on the other hand, sees you battling for position against nine other drivers in V8 650hp buggies, and takes place on Michigan Bark River Off Road Raceway.

Exclusive to the Xbox 360 demo will be the Hill Climb event that takes you to the Windy Point in Arizona, challenging you with racing to the peak in Mitsubishi Evo IX vehicles. While PC gamers will swap mountains for multiplayer, facing off against up to 100 other players on the Sadrinian rally stage at Mounte di li Conchi.

Colin McRae: DIRT is built on Codemasters "Neon" engine, technology that will push the new machines like we've never seen, apparently. Nothing here has been regurgitated, other than the fact you race around muddy courses in cars, and you'll experience new physics, graphics, audio, and A.I.

Head over to the Colin McRae: DIRT gamepage for the latest screenshots and trailers.

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