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Coffee Talk creator Fahmi has passed away

"Thank you, Fahmi."

Mohammad Fahmi, the creator and writer of indie game Coffee Talk, has passed away. He was 32.

The news was shared on the official Twitter account for the game.

"Today we received a devastating news that Fahmi, the creator and writer of Coffee Talk, has passed away," it reads. "May his soul rest in peace, and our hearts are with his family and loved ones.

"May all the good things he shared, story he wrote, live on with us forever.

"Thank you, Fahmi."

Released in 2020, Coffee Talk is a visual novel set in a coffee shop inhabited by fantasy creatures. Fahmi conceived the idea for the game while working as the marketing and public relations manager at Toge Productions. After that game's release, he opened his own studio Pikselnesia and released What Comes After.

Bertie spoke with the Indonesian writer back in December for a podcast discussion on the game and his career.

Pikselnesia is set to release Afterlove EP on Switch; it was announced at the Nintendo Indie World Showcase in December.

The cause of death has not been confirmed.

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