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Codemasters has GRID patch on way

Suggests temporary fix for now.

Codemasters has said it is busy working on a patch to stop stuttering issues in the Xbox 360 version of Race Driver: GRID.

Developer boss Gavin Raeburn waded into the official forum to confirm as much, and offered a temporary solution for those of you affected.

"We're close to getting to the root of the problem and we will be including a fix and a backup workaround option (just in case) in our forthcoming patch due within the next few weeks or sooner," said Gavin "Uncle Chewy" Raeburn. "We think the issue is due to specific drive hardware, possibly with bad blocks /sectors.

"The best temporary measure is to copy your Gamertag to a memory card, remove the hard drive and run the game that way. Replays and caching will be disabled, though instant replay will still work as this caches to memory."

The Xbox 360 version appears to have the bulk of the problems, although some have reported similar issues when running the game on PC.

Race Driver: GRID is the latest and greatest from Codemasters' pit lane, earning tyre-stacks of praise from Eurogamer speed-seeker Tom Bramwell.

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