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COD map packs surpass 20m sales

Kotick that off the list.

More than 20 million Call of Duty map packs have been sold, Activision has announced.

The milestone was passed during the quarter ending 30 June 2010.

Note: these map packs span all Call of Duty games, not just Modern Warfare 2.

We can only imagine the income from 20 million map packs at 1200 Microsoft Points/£11. Why, that's enough for Activision boss Bobby Kotick to buy a personal jet of his own with.

The most recent Call of Duty map pack was the Resurgence Pack for Modern Warfare 2. Eurogamer put a score on it.

The Call of Duty franchise will grow again on 9th November with Black Ops. That's in development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

However, the path to unbridled success will be clogged by the dirty treads of Medal of Honor, which returns to being this October.