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Co-op alien shooter The Anacrusis tops 200,000 users since launch

“Seeing the community jump feet first into the Anacrusis in this first week has been fantastic."

New co-op shooter The Anacrusis has clocked up over 200,000 players since it was released on 13th January.

While the game remains in Early Access and is also available as part of Xbox's Game Preview programme for Xbox consoles, developer Stray Bombay confirmed the milestone in a recent update. It also revealed that, collectively, players have taken down over one billion aliens. Not bad for a week's work, eh?

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Stray Bombay is the studio formed by Left 4 Dead and Portal writer, Chet Faliszek, and Riot Games designer Kimberley Voll. The Anacrusis is a co-operative shooter for four people, and it takes place on an abandoned starship on the edge of explored space. A full release is expected later this year.

"Seeing the community jump feet first into the Anacrusis in this first week has been fantastic," said the studio's co-founder, Faliszek (thanks, NME).

"We've seen a huge surge in players from Game Pass and lots of positive responses from PC fans as well. We've got a lot of work ahead of us and all the feedback that's come in has been hugely appreciated. We're continuing to create more game content and refine what's there as we work on new features like mod support and the upcoming Challenge Track."

In the same update, the team also revealed that since launch, there's been a "bunch of back-end improvements to improve server performance" as well as a couple of hotfixes, too. Console players can also expect a bigger performance patch next week.

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