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Former Left 4 Dead and Portal writer's new game is four-player sci-fi romp The Anacrusis

It's out this autumn.

Stray Bombay, the studio formed by Left 4 Dead and Portal writer Chet Faliszek, and Riot Games designer Kimberley Voll, has revealed its new game The Anacrusis.

It's - like Left 4 Dead - a co-operative shooter for four people, and it takes place on an abandoned starship on the edge of explored space. There you'll fight seemingly endless hordes of aliens in an "infinitely replayable fight", according to Summer Games Fest host Geoff Keighley, who announced the game. You'll unlock perks and weapons and "new ways to play you can share with your team", said Keighley.

The Anacrusis in action.

Despite the theme, Anacrusis looks like a very bright and upbeat game. It's not dissimilar to the Portal series, actually, with brightly lit, clean sci-fi scenery, and some arty splashes of turquoise and orangey-red here and there. Very pleasant.

Anacrusis also has an upbeat tone, with the four characters cracking jokes as they fire plasma-like weaponry that seems to be capable of some interesting things. At one point, a pack of aliens is sucked back to a single point, as if by a gravity well.

The Anacrusis is coming out this autumn on Xbox (presumably the new ones) and PC, and will be on Game Pass from day one.

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The Anacrusis

Xbox Series X/S, PC

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