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Civilization World open beta begins

Stand the test of Facebook time.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sid Meier's social network-powered Civilization World has entered open beta.

Jump straight into the turn-based strategy game on Facebook.

No invites are needed.

We're having a bit of trouble getting into the game, which may be a result of the servers getting hammered by players.

In Civ World you collaborate with friends to become ruler of the world. "Civ World games will have a well-defined beginning and end, each ending with a triumphant civilization and one person recognised as that game's most prestigious player," Meier explained on Facebook.

"Along the way, as you progress through the different eras of time, you'll have the chance to win era victories as well. We want players to have both a final goal to work towards, as well as short-term objectives to achieve as they play.

"The trophies you unlock with your triumphs will carry over from game to game, and you can show them off in your throne room."

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