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CCP shows vision for EVE and DUST 514

"You have constantly challenged us."

CCP's global CEO, Hilmar Pétursson, has used the CCP Presents session of the company's Fanfest convention in Reykjavik, Iceland, to showcase an audacious video outlining the developer's vision for the future of EVE Online.

Hinting at an extraordinary level of integration between the studio's upcoming DUST 514 first-person shooter for consoles and its established MMO, the video brought the 3000 attendees of this year's Fanfest to their feet to give a standing ovation.

An impassioned Pétursson also took the opportunity to pay tribute to the players of EVE.

"You have constantly challenged us, constantly taken us further, it's really that which allows us to come up with these crazy ideas," he said. "It really is all coming from you. I really need your help now to get this video out there. Tell the world what is going on here because it's so hard to get the word across."

You can watch the full video below.

In addition to discussing the long-term future of EVE Online, CCP revealed changes to the contraband system. New items are to be introduced that will prove highly desirable to capsuleers – but the job of scanning down smugglers will be placed in player hands. Once marked out, criminals become fair game to every player.

The negative effects from using boosters are also being drastically reduced.

In the spirit of iteration that has driven EVE's continued development, all weapon turrets are currently receiving a spectacular makeover so that they'll now feature multiple components and unique animations for deployment.

More eye-candy will be provided in the form of re-designed nebulae and star-fields.

Earlier in the session, NVIDIA discussed mobile and tablet devices running EVE to a high level of performance – a step in the right direction for portable MMO gaming following the cancellation of Panasonic's Jungle device at the beginning of March.

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