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CapyGames' action roguelike Below confirmed for Steam

Gets new, evocative trailer.

Sword & Sworcery and Clash of Heroes developer CapyGames' upcoming action roguelike Below is now slated for a Steam release in addition to its already announced Xbox One destination.

The developer made the announcement in its new Come in From the Storm trailer below. This also commemorates that Below will be playable for the first time this weekend at PAX East.

Cover image for YouTube videoBELOW - Come in from the Storm

It's not clear if by "Steam" this means PC-only, or if Mac and Linux will be supported as well. We're looking into that and whether it will have a simultaneous Steam/Xbox One release, or if it will be exclusive to Microsoft's console for a set period of time. We'll update as we find out more.

Below has been shrouded in mystery since its announcement at E3 last year, but I spoke to CapyGames' president Nathan Vella about the upcoming title shortly after it was announced. "There's no text in the game. There's no tutorials. There's no anything. There's no hand-holding," he explained. "It's about learning in a lot of ways. It's about even exploring the combat system. I mean you're in the game exploring, but part of exploring is trying to figure out how to use your sword and your shield and your bow." Sounds classy. Can't wait to try it.