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Space Engineers, Super Hot, Smite, Goat Simulator head Xbox One indie charge

All launching first for console on Microsoft's machine.

At Microsoft's Gamescom 2014 briefing, Chris Charla, head of the ID@Xbox indie initiative, announced that several indie favourites would be launching first for console on Xbox One.

The cult Goat Simulator was among them, as well as the currently hot sandbox game Space Engineers, and Smite, Hi-Rez's successful second-tier MOBA. Charla noted that Smite was, at last, a MOBA that "feels like it was made to be played on a controller".

Charla also highlighted The Escapists from Team17 - the British studio will be bringing its entire portfolio to Xbox One - and Super Hot, a stylish FPS in which time only moves when you move.

A showreel pimped a large number of ID@Xbox console firsts, some of them previously announced, including puzzle classic Threes!, excellent strategy game Plague Inc Evolved, and the artistic Cuphead and Inside. Charla also premiered a new trailer for Capybara's gorgeous Below.

All in all it presented a much improved indie roster for Xbox, including several darlings of the PC scene. Microsoft is catching up.

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