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Capcom's plans four for XBL, PS3 Store and PC

Puzzle and Street Fighters, more.

Not unlike the wasp that just flew into my room and started buzzing along to James Taylor, Capcom knows there's a party going on and wants a piece of it. Which explains the publisher's decision to throw several of its best hats into the downloadable game arena.

The Japanese outfit has set its sights on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation 3 Store, and also plans to offer games as PC downloads. To begin with, it has Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Rocketmen: Axis of Evil and Talisman on the way.

Super Street Fighter II will appear on XBL and PS3 this autumn, with new artwork and 1080p graphics (including stage backgrounds redrawn by Udon Entertainment, who handled the official US Street Fighter comics). There will also be online and offline support for two players.

It will be joined by Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, which, along with XBL and PS3 releases, will also be gracing the PC. The downloadable version promises 1080p graphics and also has artwork from Udon, and is reportedly much the same as the version in PSP title Capcom Puzzle World (due out on 20th April in Europe), offering three gameplay variants: the original Puzzle Fighter mode, a Tetris-style version and one where gems fall upward.

Capcom also has a pair of new games on the way. Rocketmen: Axis of Evil is a two-stick shooter for up to four players, where players get to customise their character and then blast their way through 1080i graphics using chunky primary weapons and a range of equippable secondaries. It's due out on XBL and PS3, with online leaderboards to back it up and fancy bosses to smack you down.

Talisman, finally, is based on the Games Workshop boardgame of the same name and is planned for XBL, PS3 and PC. It'll work online or off for up to four players, and promises you the chance to scour dungeons, kill stuff and cast spells. There will also be downloadable expansion packs with character and adventure card updates and alternatve endings.

That's not all either. Because when Puzzle Fighter, Super Street Fighter and Rocketman have been released in the autumn, and Talisman in Q4, Capcom plans to keep going. "We intend to be a major player in this space by using a combination of classic Capcom IP, licensed IP and, in the future, harnessing some of the biggest names in game development to create new classic experiences," Capcom's brand marketing director Jack Symon explained.

Meanwhile, the wasp is dead.