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Capcom releases Neopets Flash demo

Embedded within, so beware of the music.

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Capcom has released an embeddable single-player Flash demo of Neopets Puzzle Adventure (apparently this is how it's written), which is due out on DS, Wii and PC on 23rd January in Europe.

The game's already out on the DS in the US, where it's picked up reasonable reviews, and follows a similar line to Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords.

That's thanks to the same developer, Infinite Interactive, directing the battle, which is altogether more colourful this time, with customisable characters.

As with Puzzle Quest, the core game should play out like a basic RPG, but the combat is based on a puzzle - in this case a game of Othello/Reversi - with attacking and defensive mechanics derived from moves that fit the classic boardgame version.

You can read more about how it works in our Neopets Puzzle Adventure hands-on preview from Captivate earlier this year or, thanks to the demo, you can try it out below.

Assuming we've included enough space to get past the silly old advert on the right side of the screen and the Flash app doesn't vanish into the margins or something. Bloody websites.

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