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Neopets developer is reportedly "thinking of bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch"

The studio declined to share further details, though.

The early-Noughties virtual pet website Neopets may be coming to a Nintendo Switch near you.

Nothing's yet set in stone, but according to a new report by the Washington Post (£) that explores the impact of the demise of Adobe Flash on a whole generation of flash games, Neopets' current development team is reportedly looking to bring it to Nintendo's family-favourite handheld console.

Journalist Shannon Liao revealed that during interviews for the article, the Neopets team reportedly said it is "thinking of bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch" but "declined to share further details".

It's the "declined to share further details" bit that's got fans excited, hinting that efforts to port the games to Nintendo Switch may already be underway.

And yes, even though it's old enough to drink on both sides of the pond now, Neopets is still going strong today and even has a mobile version out. Since 2014, it's been run by US developer JumpStart games which is in turn owned by Chinese online gaming publisher NetDragon.

Only last year, a Canadian TV company snapped up the television rights to the Neopets franchise and confirmed that an animated show is now in the pipeline. The first episode is expected to debut later this year.

Founded in the UK by a couple of bored university students, Neopets quickly attracted corporate backing to grow into a gaming platform visited by millions of people every day, spawning console game spin-offs and a whole heap of merchandise.

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