Neopets Puzzle Adventure

Key events

Neopets Puzzle Adventure

Puzzle Quest 1.5?

Capcom reveals more release dates

Dead Rising and MotoGP Wii in diary.

Capcom releases Neopets Flash demo

Embedded within, so beware of the music.

Nintendo dates Cube Wiimakes, more

Walk With Me, NeoPets, Galactrix, etc.

SF IV and Bionic dates unconfirmed

Retail guidance, not release schedule.

Neopets Puzzle Adventure

Infinite Interactive does Puzzle Quest with Othello.

Neopets Puzzle Adventure

From the makers of Puzzle Quest.

Puzzle Quest dev received death threats

Six. And a bomb threat.

Puzzle Quest dev working with Capcom

Neopets due for Wii, PC and DS this year.