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Capcom bins Talisman adaptation

PSN, XBLA, PC game no more.

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Capcom has permanently stopped work on Talisman for PSN, XBLA and PC.

The adaptation of the Games Workshop boardgame actually ground to a halt a couple of months ago, but, as Joystiq points out, no one noticed.

"After a misfire at the start, the details of which I won't get into, we evaluated several options for moving the project to new developers, but the costs of moving forward outweighed the potential revenue," said Christian Svensson, Capcom suit, on the official publisher forums.

"The rights have reverted back to Games Workshop where I hope someone will pick them up and try again. I too still would like to play a Talisman videogame."

Talisman is a fantasy-themed adventure boardgame for up-to six people. The idea is to go around bashing monsters and gaining power, eventually venturing to the centre of the board to take control of a powerful spell that kills the other players.

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