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Call of Duty: Warzone players get private matches working before they officially launch


Some Call of Duty: Warzone players have managed to get private matches working before the feature officially launches.

Twitter users DetectiveWaffle and GlitchHunterz each managed to get into a private match.

Private matches is a feature called for by the battle royale's community ever since Warzone launched, but it's so far not been released. Players expect it to come out soon, though, given some have managed to get it working.

ModernWarzone uploaded a clip of a private match in action. It's worth noting the video shows a private game of Mini Royale with a lobby of just 24 people - around a third of normal. But it is working.

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According to ModernWarzone, the host of the private match is able to change some of the game rules, such as circle size and speed, player health and even whether tactical sprinting is allowed. As you'd expect, you can not gain XP or battle pass and weapon progression in a private match.

Developer Infinity Ward has yet to say anything about private matches coming to Warzone, but clearly it's in the works. Whether the feature ever releases to the public (let's remember some Modern Warfare players have been able to play in third-person and that's not officially available), remains to be seen.

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