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Call of Duty Elite premium features list

Is it worth £34.99?

Still unsure whether Call of Duty Elite's premium content warrants £34.99 of your hard-earned cash? Activision has just released a full feature list to try and sway you.

As detailed over on the official COD site, the paid-for portion of the franchise's new stat-tracking community service includes free access to Modern Warfare 3's monthly DLC drops, access to pro analysis and Elite TV, daily competitions and a host of clan features.

Here's the full rundown of what subscribers get over and above Elite freeloaders:

  • 20 pieces of DLC released over nine months
  • Prized events
  • Prized operations
  • Prized tactical operations with in-game playlist and modes
  • Prized clan operations
  • Official leagues
  • Level up your clan through clan operations
  • Unlock clan level benefits
  • Unique in-game gold clan tag
  • Exclusive in-game clan player cards and emblems
  • Access to all in-game clan title cards
  • Access to all in-game clan emblems
  • Access hours of pro video guides for every weapon and map
  • Professional tactics and help
  • Share expert community playbooks and strategies fro every map and mode
  • Join premium groups
  • Early access to test new Elite features
  • Eight times more HD video capacity for video uploads
  • Four times more user storage for match replays and two times greater video export length
  • Access to Elite TV - episodic video entertainment made by top talent

Those who pre-order Elite premium status or the Hardened Edition of Modern Warfare 3 also get Elite Founder status which nets the following additional perks:

  • Exclusive founder weapon camo
  • Founder clan XP boost
  • Exclusive founder in-game player card
  • Exclusive founder in-game emblem
  • Founder private group
  • Exclusive founder Call of Duty Elite profile skin
  • Exclusive competitions and prizes