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Buy dinner with Eric Chahi for £25

What would you ask him?

You can buy a dinner date with Another World and From Dust creator Eric Chahi for £25.

My Dinner with Eric is a one-off event at UK game festival GameCity6. It takes place 6-9pm, 26th October, at Antenna, Nottingham.

For your hard-earned cash you'll get a full meal and "sample delicacies" as part of Chahi's GameCity6 festival takeover, Eric's Bootcycle.

"Collaborating with New College Nottingham's (ncn) Head Chef Tom Edwards, Eric will present a truly multi-sensory evening, combining touch, taste, sight, smell and sound as he experiments with and alters perceptions and taste buds alike via molecular gastronomy," reads the official blurb.

The event is limited to 60 tickets. Spaces are extremely limited and must be pre-booked, the organisers said.