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Another World live-action short film is out of this world

Has the "full support" of Eric Chahi, needs money to finish.

Eric Chahi's 1991 adventure game, Another World (or Out of This World, as it's known in North America), has been envisioned as a live-action short film by Polish director Bartek Hławka and his collaborators at Project 23.

MOMA Mia! Plans for beefy video game collection next year

"Are video games art? They sure are..."

Video games struggle to be taken as seriously as films or paintings or books or other pieces of culturally accepted works of art. Yeah, thanks Duke Nukem. But there are signs of change; today, New York's prestigious Museum of Modern Art announced the beginnings of a considerable video game exhibition.

Another World coming to Android

20th Anniversary version of Chahi's classic due "in a few months".

The 20th Anniversary version of Eric Chahi's cult Amiga game Another World will be released for Android devices "in a few months".

FeatureGameCity Discussions: Richard Lemarchand & Eric Chahi

From Dust and Uncharted creators captured in conversation.

Nottingham doesn't have the swagger of Los Angeles or the neon allure of Tokyo, but it can boast a games show that puts E3 and TGS to shame. GameCity is a festival in the truest sense of the word, a celebration of a community and a culture that's sadly all too often swamped by corporate concerns.

Another World

Another World

Run Project 23.

Another World was one of the first truly cinematic games, and that wasn't just because of the stylish cut-scenes, the neo-noir lighting, and the obvious ambition to tell a story visually. It was cinematic because it turned you into an actor rather than a mere player, and tasked you with working your way through what amounts to a rigorous script.

It was an action adventure that left almost nothing to chance, one where the real challenge, much of the time, lay with simply working out what the designer wanted you to do next in order to unlock another chunk of carefully controlled exploration. Even if you've never trod the boards in real life, switching on Eric Chahi's classic after all these years is less like picking up an aging game again, and more like returning to an old role.

Now that it's out on iOS, the home of instant gratifiers like Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds, it makes for a jarring proposition. Games tend not to work this way anymore - and they rarely did so before, really. Hunting for a modern equivalent, in fact, the closest I can come to is Limbo. There's another game that hinges on hindsight rather than foresight: another game that tasks you with unravelling the design team's intentions - often by throwing yourself onto spikes - and sort of shuffling through the adventure backwards.

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Another World announced for iOS

Another World announced for iOS

Chahi: "First prototype looks beautiful."

Eric Chahi's classic '90s platformer Another World is coming to iOS devices later this year, the veteran developer has confirmed.

First released back in 1991, the cinematic sci-fi side-scroller will be brought up to date for iPhone and iPad by French port specialist DotEmu.

"I'm very pleased to work with my developer friends from DotEmu and their partner BulkyPix. The first prototype looks beautiful on iPad, they are doing a great job on it." said Chahi.

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When developers at Valve make a game, from the moment a single room has been crafted in their Hammer editor, they playtest it. Outsiders come in once a week, with no previous experience of the game, and play with whatever's been created. The developers must watch without comment, and observe how the player encounters the game.