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Burn Zombie Burn! gets release date

Third-person top-down arena-based shooter.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Developer doublesix has announced that Burn Zombie Burn! is coming to PSN on Thursday 26th March.

It's billed as a top-down, arena-based third-person shooter which should appeal to fans of ye olde coin-ops. There are six levels to explore, all inspired by classic American horror movies.

Playing as lead character Bruce, you must shoot, burn and blow up hordes of zombies. Fire is your greatest weapon and high scores can be earned by burning loads of zombies in one go and setting up huge chains of explosions.

There will be high score and trophy competitions, with a "horror-themed holiday abroad" on offer, plus framed artwork and limited edition t-shirts. Downloadable content will include a strategy guide, a comic and soundtrack music.

There's no word on how much the game will cost just yet, but you can check out some screenshots and a video over on the gamepage.

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