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BSG composer hints at new videogame

He's not allowed to say what it is yet.

The man who wrote the music for Battlestar Galactica has revealed he's also been composing tunes for videogames recently.

In a post on his blog about forthcoming projects, Bear McCreary wrote, "I’m also hopeful that we’ll be able to release a soundtrack album for the super-cool top-secret videogame project that I scored recently."

Could it be a BSG tie-in, by any chance? McCreary's keeping quiet, but he did say, "If you guys like the score to BG, you’re going to frakkin’ flip out when you hear this! Details will be announced as soon as I’m allowed to say what it is!"

Here's hoping it is indeed a Battlestar game, and isn't rubbish. So say we all.

Update: Our friends at have pointed out McCreary responds to suggestions it's a BSG game in the comments on his blog, simply stating: "It's not." Danke!