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Breast outcry "very surprising" to Funcom

Plus details of fresh content for June.

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Funcom has told Eurogamer that it was very surprised by the strength of the reaction to the accidental shrinking of breasts on female models in Age of Conan.

Developer spokesperson Erling Ellingsen said even mainstream media had been in touch, for what he describes as a rather surreal bug fix and not, as some suggest, a sneaky way to water down its mature content.

"The amount of attention this accidental breast reduction has received is very surprising to us. I've had mainstream media calling me about this, and the forum has been glowing with some very interesting conspiracy theories," said Ellingsen.

"I can tell you, however, that this is nothing but a body morphing bug that is being fixed now. So your breasts should be back to normal as soon as possible. Never thought I would say those words, really. Interesting business, this."

Age of Conan launched last month and proved very popular. Ellingsen told us now was all about "retaining" subscribers.

Funcom is doing that by adding features you've asked for, such as the ability to not only dance but control your character while doing so.

We're told a better user interface will be introduced "soon" as well, and we were given a rundown of what to expect throughout June, including the much talked about remedy to "ganking" (groups of players ganging up on helpless targets).

"In June we're giving several dungeons in Stygia a complete overhaul. We're going over some quests to make them even more entertaining and adding a bunch of post-level 50 quests. We're adding voice-overs to a ton of quests pasts level 20 - about one each level - and we're putting in lots of quests that didn't make it for launch," revealed Ellingsen.

"Also for June - we're not completely binding ourself to a date yet - is an overhaul of the PvP system. We're making it so ganking has consequences! Very cool. Plus we're adding PvP gear and things like that."

Head over to our of Age of Conan preliminary review to find out what we thought; we'll be bringing you a full and detailed opinion of the game shortly before you have to decide to subscribe or not after your free 30-day trial.

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