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Boyfriend Dungeon developer announces next game: Mossfield Origins

A "snack-sized" city builder.

Mossfield Origins will be the next game from Boyfriend Dungeon developer Kitfox Games.

It's a cosy city-builer with a "snack-sized" approach to the genre, with narrative aspects and a focus on sustainability.

Check out a first look at gameplay in the trailer below.

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"We love builder games big and small! With a rise of comfortable handheld gaming and no time for many hour tutorials or 100 hour save files (work, parenting...) we wanted a snack-sized relaxing experience with a bit of depth that more people can see the end of," says Mossfield Origins' developer Ruby Ruze.

"An approachable builder with less complexity gives people who found them overwhelming a chance to share our enjoyment of the genre. Mossfield Origins is part of a universe where technology feels like magic and that can envision better community, leveraging imagination to think about cities past, present and future. This naturally leads to sustainable 'magical realism' (MolleIndustria) instead of the more common capitalist realism, and away from the genre's colonial tendencies."

Ruze is designing every aspect of the game. There's no release date yet, but it will be available on Steam.

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