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Borderlands Legends iOS shooter revealed, out this month

Stars original Borderlands crew.

Gearbox loot-and-shoot series Borderlands will arrive on iOS this month in the form of Borderlands Legends.

The portable version will star original Borderlands heroes Mordecai, Lilith, Roland and Brick, and offer thousands of weapons to collect.

It's set to launch sometime in October, an advert for the game revealed.

Gearbox has yet to formally announce Borderlands Legends, despite the ad appearing in Borderlands 2's digital strategy guide (as spotted by the official Gearbox forum).

In Legends you'll be able to kill enemies for cash, buy weapons, earn experience, level up and unlock new abilities. As in the main games, each character has its own unique skill tree.

In a departure from console versions, missions will be "randomised". There's a "strategic cover system", too.