Borderlands Legends

App of the Day: Borderlands Legends HD

In some ways, Borderlands has always been interested in choices. Little choices for the most part. Bouncing grenades or healing grenades? This six-round shotgun, or that corrosive SMG? The biggest choice has generally come at the beginning: which of the game's collection of rootin' tootin' vault hunters to choose from? (Sorry about the rootin' tootin' thing.)

This is the choice that Borderlands Legends does away with. Why spend time picking a favourite, when you can play as all four of the original game's heroes at once? Four classes, four characters, one player, and a new top-down action RPG approach for iOS. That sounds weird, right? Weird and kind of interesting.

Weird and kind of interesting would be correct. As touchscreen reinventions of living room classics go, this is an odd and frequently unwieldy beast, slavishly on-message one minute, bizarrely cavalier the next. It features character designs, sound effects, action skills and even shards of UI from the original game, but it changes the pace completely, switching out the exploration of Pandora in favour of a series of single-screen horde arenas, shuffled together to make up rudimentary missions.

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