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Borderlands 2 bug resets Badass Rank

Gearbox: "Our engineers are looking into this."

A new bug has reared its ugly head in the savage wastelands of Borderlands 2 that resets player's Badass Rank and strips them of all the rewards that come with it like skins, heads and stat boosts.

Worse, it doesn't reset any completed challenges, so players can't replay them to bolster their rank back up.

This affects all platforms too, so no one is safe.

Developer Gearbox is currently working on a fix. Community manager Chris Faylor wrote on the official Gearbox forums, "Our engineers are looking into this, and the information you've provided has proven to be a great resource while we investigate. At the moment, it seems to be a fairly rare issue and we'll keep you updated on when we resolve it."

Since the game still remembers what challenges you've completed it may be possible for the fix to bring back the lost rewards. Until then all we can do is wait.

See the nasty bug in action in via Youtube user RyogaWanderer's video below.

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