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Boogie Bunnies on XBLA on Weds

Brain Challenge, Poker Smash soon.

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Microsoft has popped up in our inboxes with trumpets and balloons announcing the impending launch of Boogie Bunnies on Xbox Live Arcade.

Would you believe that it is due out on Wednesday, 16th January at 9am GMT for 800 Microsoft Points and comes with a demo and 12 unlockable Achievements for 200 gamerpoints? It would save me time.

What is Boogie Bunnies? It's an imaginative 3D puzzle game from Sierra Online, which - judging by the version we've played - is a bit like Bust-A-Move except you can go round the sides and it's all done up about rabbits.

Microsoft also took the opportunity this afternoon to remind us that Boogie Bunnies will soon by joined by Rez HD, Lode Runner, Brain Challenge (exactly what you think) and Poker smash (not what you think, actually - apparently it "incorporates gameplay elements found in today's most engrossing puzzle games and adds a poker twist to the mix").

Exactly when is still to be determined, but we will let you know when we do.

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