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BlizzCon tickets on sale in August

Third US fan convention ramps up.

Blizzard has announced that tickets for its third US fan convention, BlizzCon 2008, will go on sale on 11th August.

The event will take place at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anahaim, south of Los Angeles, on 10th and 11th October. Tickets will cost USD 100 (EUR 64, GBP 51) and be available directly from the official BlizzCon website.

You can expect the usual line-up for a Blizzard event: discussion panels, hands-on with unreleased games, tournaments, and perhaps a big announcement at the opening ceremony. Attendees will certainly see more of StarCraft II, World of Warcraft and Diablo III.

"We have an entertaining show planned, and we look forward to delivering another memorable experience for our attendees," said Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime.

For an idea what to expect, check out our coverage of June's Worldwide Invitational in Paris - BlizzCon Europe in all but name.

And it's never too early to start speculating on what BlizzCon 2008's big reveal will be (if it has one). The revamped Battle.net? The Wrath of the Lich King cinematic intro? More on Diablo III? Or even Blizzard's next-generation MMO?