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Blizzard unveils WoW expansion

Wrath of the Lich King.

Blizzard has used the opening ceremony of its second BlizzCon convention to announce that the second expansion for World of Warcraft is in development. Confirming internet rumours, it's to be titled Wrath of the Lich King, and open the northern continent of Northrend.

Details of the expansion are exactly as revealed in the FAQ that leaked earlier this week: new Death Knight hero class, new arenas and battlegrounds, siege weaponry and destructible buildings, customisable hairstyles and dances, a new Inscription profession, and the increase of the level cap from 70 to 80.

In addition, Blizzard confirmed that integrated voice communication and guild banks would be introduced to WoW in regular patch updates, along with a new 10-man instance, Zul'Aman.

Blizzard president and co-founder Mike Morhaime also said that new details of StarCraft II will be revealed at BlizzCon (specifically, about the Terran race, and the single-player campaign). In addition, there will be news of the planned Warcraft film, and the announcement of a collaboration with Dell on the "ultimate WoW gaming PC".

An in-game trailer for Wrath of the Lich King was shown, showcasing the Death Knight's devastating attacks, and the atmospheric, snowbound landscapes of Northrend. The expansion is playable on the show floor, but there's no word of a release date yet.

Stay tuned for more details from the BlizzCon show floor.

Meanwhile you can pop into our Wrath of the Lich King gallery for the first screenshots, or into Eurogamer TV for the first trailer.

Catch up with a few more details just unveiled.

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