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Blizzard reveals "brand new" fifth project

WOW engine used to test ideas.

Blizzard has revealed a fifth and "brand new" development project that has never been mentioned before.

It's not a World of Warcraft expansion nor is it related to the next-gen MMO, according to a quote from Blizzard on IncGamers. Speculation suggests this could be an entirely new IP - Blizzard's Paul Sams has hinted at as much in the past .

This project will apparently use the World of Warcraft engine for testing purposes, before the to-be-hired software gurus build technology of their own.

To be clear, this means Blizzard now has StarCraft II, Diablo III, a new World of Warcraft expansion, a next-gen MMO and this unannounced game in development.

Hints of this fifth game surfaced last week on the Blizzard employment website after two job postings appeared under the the "Unannounced" category.

But whatever this game may be, we wouldn't expect to see any glimpse nor hear mention of it for a very long time. There's more chance of the Queen getting a tattoo of Princess Diana.

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