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Blizzard opens WOW pet store

Buy yourself a sidekick for nine quid.

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Blizzard has put two in-game World of Warcraft pets up for sale at the Blizzard Store: a Pandaren Monk, and Lil' K.T., a baby version of the villainous Lich Kel'Thuzad.

The pets cost £9, $10 or €10 apiece. Half the proceeds from sales of the Pandaren - the first incidence of Warcraft's joke race of kung-fu pandas in WOW - will go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation charity if you buy it before December 31st.

It seems even the biggest subscription haul imaginable doesn't make Blizzard immune to the lure of micro-transactions. This is the first time the company has offered in-game WOW items for sale for real currency, although it has been ramping up the sale of services such as race changes and faction transfers of late. It can't really argue the cost of the pets is a deterrent, though.

Expect further pets to be added in future. More info at the official WOW webiste and Pet Stor FAQ.

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