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Blendo Games' Quadrilateral Cowboy won IndieCade's Grand Jury Prize

Manages to hack it among the best.

Thirty Flights of Loving and Atom Zombie Smasher developer Blendo Games won the Grand Jury Prize at this year's IndieCade festival in Culver City, CA with its upcoming cyberpunk thriller Quadrilateral Cowboy. (Thanks, Gamasutra.)

The peculiarly named curio is about a computer hacker running a series of simulated heists to set a plan of attack for criminals to purchase in the real world. Set in the 80s, Quadrilateral Cowboy's most notable mechanic is that you have to actually manually write lines of code using the correct syntax.

With one of its selling points being "a lot of typing," Quadrilateral Cowboy is bound to be an incredibly divisive game. I played over 20 minutes of it at PAX Prime in 2012 and on one hand, I admired its unique concept and dedication to authenticity, while on the other, I found actually typing lines of code to be the most tedious thing. But hey, I'll still watch you play, as it captures that quirky cartoony caper vibe that made Gravity Bone and Thirty Flights so wonderfully bonkers.

See Quadrilateral Cowboy in action in its new IndieCade trailer below.

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