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BioWare's Greg Zeschuk gets SWTOR tattoo


BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk has declared his commitment to Star Wars: The Old Republic by getting a launch-day tattoo.

The ink, slap bang at the top of Zeschuk's arm (roughly where a friend might 'dead arm' you), depicts a circular SWTOR motif. Inside this black ring is half the blue Galactic Republic logo, and half the red Sith Empire logo. He's been inked in colour.

Zeschuk's look was completed with a mildly wild beard.

"SWTOR launch tattoo (and launch beard)... for reals," tweeted Zeschuk.

Star Wars: The Old Republic live producer Cory Butler has had the same tattoo done, although his looks blurrier.

The live Star Wars: The Old Republic opened today to early access customers - people who pre-ordered the game first. Invites will continue to be sent out all week.

SWTOR opens to everybody on 20th December. Note, however, that numbers will be limited - BioWare's restricting the stampede to make sure performance stays top notch.

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