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Halo graphic novel on the way

Featuring all your old friends.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Marvel has signed a deal with Halo developer Bungie to produce a graphic novel based on the blockbuster first-person shooter.

The 128-page book will feature a host of characters and weapons familiar to Halo fans, and a storyline based around the battles of the Covenant and the Flood.

French comic book artist Moebius has already been signed up to help out, along with Phil Hale, Ed Lee, Tsutomo Nihei, Jay Faerber, Andrew Robinson, Simon Bisley and Lee Hammock. In addition, Bungie's art team will supply gallery pages together with other renowned comic book artists.

"The chance to give our faithful fans something this special was a chance we had to jump at," said Bungie studio manager Harold Ryan.

"Re-exploring the Halo universe with some of our favorite comic book artists and writers - indeed, some of the greatest of all time - was a true labour of love."

The first Halo graphic novel is due out in the US this July, with further Marvel/Bungie products set to follow as part of an exclusive licensing deal.

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