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Bethesda to raise Fallout level cap to 30

With Broken Steel in March.

Bethesda Softworks plans to raise the Fallout 3 level cap to 30 in the upcoming downloadable content for the game.

"Along with removing the game's 'ending' with Broken Steel, we figure raising the level cap would allow them to [enjoy the game for longer]. We plan on raising it to level 30 - but it will be a long, hard climb to get there!" the DLC's lead producer Jeff Gardiner told Eurogamer in an exclusive interview today.

Broken Steel will be the third instalment of DLC and is due out in March. The bulk of today's interview - and three new screenshots - concern the first part, Operation: Anchorage, which is due out this month.

Fallout 3 fans with strong memories may remember that Bethesda's VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines had previously told Eurogamer readers the firm had "no plans to increase the level cap beyond 20". "Pete was talking about the level cap in the game as it was released," Gardiner clarified today.

For more on Operation: Anchorage, check out the full interview.

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