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Beautiful pixel art platformer Owlboy comes to consoles next February

Hoot off the press.

Beautiful pixel art platformer Owlboy is making its way to Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One on February 13th next year, developer D-Pad has announced.

That date specifically applies to the digital release of the game. D-Pad has also confirmed that Owlboy will be getting a physical release on consoles sometime next year, although exact dates and formats have yet to be confirmed. There's even a trailer saying as much.

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Owlboy was enormously well received when it launched on PC in 2016 - exactly one year ago today. It's a beautiful, consistently surprising take on classic 2D platformers, combining faintly Metroid-like exploration with stealth and action. To celebrate Owlboy's first birthday, D-Pad will be discounting the game by 40% on Steam for 24 hours, starting soon.

Eurogamer was quite taken with Owlboy on release. In his review, Joe Donnelly described it as "a modern day retro classic", even going as far as to award a shiny silver Recommended badge. It's well worth gander, and even more so at its celebratory birthday discount price.

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D-Pad is currently hard at work on its Owlboy follow-up, Vikings on a Trampoline, and will apparently be offering a "sneak peek" at the game later today.