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Back to the Future episode 4 out today

PC/Mac users can grab Double Visions now.

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The fourth episode of Telltale Games' five part Back to the Future saga is up for download on PC and Mac today, the developer has announced.

Titled Double Visions, it sees Marty McFly dealing with the repercussions of Doc's meddling back in the 1930s version of Hill Valley.

There's no word on how long PlayStation 3 users will have to wait. The series is currently stalled at episode two on Sony's console, with the third chapter, Get Tannen!, due out next week.

If you're yet to check out Telltale's entertaining tie-in series, it's still offering episode one as a free PC or Mac download via its website.

Earlier this week Telltale announced a new publishing agreement with Microsoft which will see its games starting to appear on Xbox 360, with a full retail release for Jurassic Park: The Game kicking things off in the Autumn.

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