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Tom Bramwell


Tom worked at Eurogamer from early 2000 to late 2014, including seven years as Editor-in-Chief.

Feature | Games of 2014: Destiny

Xur, you are being hunted.

Feature | The games that have defined PS4 and Xbox One

And what they say about the generation so far.

Feature | The problem with video game guns

Is that lots of them are boring.

Feature | Let's have more games that show rather than tell

Shadow of Mordor becomes great, but introduces itself poorly.

EGX | EGX 2014: Game of the Show

As voted for by visitors to the UK's biggest and best gaming event.

Feature | FIFA 15 Ultimate Team: time for a shake-up?

Our resident obsessive is still playing, but gradually losing interest.

Feature | A Destiny story summary for people who dozed off

In case you lost (or couldn't be bothered to keep) track of what was going on.

Feature | "It's not historically accurate!"

Why arguing against women appearing in games to preserve historical accuracy is silly.

Podcast | Eurogamer.net Podcast E3 Special!

Bertie, Chris and Tom B pick through everything that got us excited.

Feature | Assassin's Creed Unity is a backward step for progressive games

'They're not avatars' defence sends the wrong message.

Feature | Sony had more wow moments, but Microsoft has closed the competence gap

A lack of 2014 titles on both sides of the console war favours Xbox.

Feature | The Magic Circle is a puzzle exploration game set inside vapourware

BioShock 2 director Jordan Thomas turns the immersive sim inside out.

Feature | Watch Dogs: stuck in the unfunny valley

Open-world games are often better when they lighten up.

Feature | Better without Kinect

Microsoft makes the best of a bad situation.

Feature | Hearthstone Curse of Naxxramas: where death is a power-up

What the 30 new cards will mean for Blizzard's card strategy game.

Feature | The silent composer

Marty O'Donnell's departure is a shock, but also a reminder that music in games is more important than ever.

EGX | EGX Rezzed Game of the Show 2014

Plus a few other games we really enjoyed.

Feature | The PR man who spams games journalists about classical music

From the archive on the eve of this year's Classic FM Hall of Fame vote.

Feature | Be advised: I was wrong about Titanfall

If you're feeling jaded and dismissive, like I was, then pay attention.

Feature | The Hearthstone you didn't get

Looking back at the way Blizzard changed card values during the closed beta.

Feature | Console developers need to look at Dungeon Keeper and learn

Mobile gaming is a joke. Don't become the next punch-line.

Feature | Valve plays the long game again

Steam Machines are about protecting the PC, not beating consoles.

Feature | Games of 2013: The Last of Us

Ian's video offers a different take on Naughty Dog's award-winner.

Podcast | Eurogamer.net Podcast Christmas Quiz 2013!

Two teams of idiots answer game-related questions to win next-gen prizes! Happy Christmas!

Feature | Beyonce's onto something, you know

Her new album-out-of-the-blue is a cool idea that would work brilliantly for games.

Feature | Ubisoft cancels the next-generation launch party

Watch Dogs' delay is a blow, but also a sign of the French publisher's growing might.

Feature | Has EA Sports broken FIFA 14 by trying to fix it?

The latest patch promises balance but strips out fun in the process.

Feature | Is the most disturbing scene in GTA 5 justified?

Video and analysis of the scene everyone will talk about.

Feature | Whisper it, but Xbox One is finding its stride

I still won't buy one for now, but I reckon a lot of people will.

Feature | Eurogamer and Outside Xbox go spelunking

Tom B and Mike Channell whipcrack each other and aggro shopkeepers.

Feature | Ken Levine talks BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea

Two-part detective story where you play as Booker and Elizabeth in Rapture.

Feature | The universal systems of Tom Francis

Gunpoint's developer used to be a critic, but this game was always building up inside him.

Feature | Apples and oranges

Why the new Apple controller designs don't point to a consoley future.

Feature | Who believes what?

What Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo think about games and why it matters.

Feature | The most popular arguments in favour of Xbox One DRM

Analysing the backlash against the backlash.

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