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Nintendo and Konami working on DDR/Mario title

The Cube's first dance mat game as far as we can remember, due out this summer, and Mario's on board.

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Nintendo and Konami are collaborating on a new Dance Dance Revolution game featuring Mario, which will be published by Nintendo in Japan this summer.

The Dance Dance Revolution series, known as Dancing Stage here in Europe, is easily the most popular dance mat series of all, but this is the first time a DDR game will have appeared on the Cube - and indeed the first dance mat game for the Cube that we can recall.

Known as "Dance Dance Revolution with Mario", the cross-over will be shown off at the Nintendo booth of the Next Generation World Hobby Fair 2005 in the middle of this month, but our primitive grasp of Japanese language prevents us from providing much more insight into the contents of this product page, which quietly popped onto the Internet this week unannounced.

Rob reckons that there's "some waffle about mini-games", and we suspect there's more to the single-player progression than you might expect from a dancing game - perhaps even letting you guide Mario around using dance steps - but you should treat that as speculation at this point.

Fortunately though we also have a trio of small screenshots to admire. Expect to hear more about DDR with Mario later this month.

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