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Konami unveils DDR Extreme

PS2 exclusive to appear at E3. Due this year.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Konami has announced its latest dance game during last Friday's Konami Gamer's Day (of which more later). Dance Dance Revolution Extreme for the PS2 is billed as much more of the same, with over 100 minutes of licensed and original dance music, music videos to keep spectators happy and various new game modes.

For a start, Konami has made an entire game mode out of the "Oni Mode" from DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution. Aimed at expert dancers, Oni only allows a maximum of four mistakes in a row during the course of the game. Meanwhile, "Mission Mode" involves completing specific dancing challenges alone or in two-player dance battle.

Elsewhere popular features like Work Out mode (which measures how many calories are burnt per session) and Edit Mode (allowing gamers to create or customise dance steps and save the routines to memory card) remain in place.

Konami hopes to have DDR Extreme out on PS2 in fall of this year, with the playable version lined up for the company's E3 booth sure to prove a key attraction, as anyone who saw the crazy kids with oversized Nikes grooving away at this year's ECTS can attest.

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