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Tom worked at Eurogamer from early 2000 to late 2014, including seven years as Editor-in-Chief.

VideoOuya live stream from 5pm BST

See what games look like on the new Android micro-console.

FeatureApples and oranges

Why the new Apple controller designs don't point to a consoley future.

Watch us play Deadpool live at 5pm BST

Ian is the Merc with a Mouth. So's Deadpool.

VideoGran Turismo 6 spoilercast

Martin and Mike salivate over the new GT Academy 2013 demo. Weirdoes.

Konami Code unlocks dinosaur in hat on Vogue website

Update: Also works on other Conde Nast sites. Clever girl.

FeatureWho believes what?

What Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo think about games and why it matters.

PS4 architect Mark Cerny hopes PlayStation's legacy can match Nintendo's

"I'm really looking forward to the next decade or two."

EGXRezzed developer sessions

Watch all this weekend's presentations! Rome 2, DayZ Standalone, WildStar, Project Eternity, Dreamfall Chapters and many more.

FeatureThe most popular arguments in favour of Xbox One DRM

Analysing the backlash against the backlash.

FeatureMicrosoft restores game ownership and expects us to smile

For this reversal to have meaning, it must be matched by deeper change.

Microsoft reverses position on Xbox One DRM

UPDATE: No more 24-hour check-in, game ownership stays as it is and no restrictions on trading and loaning, among other changes.

EGXRezzed developer sessions to be streamed online

Watch PC and indie panels, live demos and developer talks all through this weekend.

EGXPlay Surgeon Simulator 2013 with Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra at Rezzed

Patch to add support for peripherals due out soon.

FeatureWhy The Last of Us is the opposite of Uncharted

A timely reminder not to judge games by their E3 clichés. (No spoilers.)

EGXFull Rezzed developer session schedule includes DayZ Standalone, Hotline Miami 2

Plus panels with top developers, hosted by RPS. Full schedule for next weekend's PC event now online.

FeatureSony's E3 victory was a PR stunt, but PlayStation 4 is still the one to watch

No DRM was an open goal, but Sony's indie focus and experience in F2P could be defining.

EGXTake part in Creative Assembly Game Jam at Rezzed and win fabulous prizes

UPDATE: If you want to get involved but haven't got a team, put your name forward and we'll buddy you up on the day.

Live: Sony E3 2013 Conference

The, er, fourth place? I don't know any more. Live coverage from 2am BST / 3am CEST.

Live: Ubisoft E3 2013 Conference

The third place. Live coverage from 11pm BST / midnight CEST.

Live: Electronic Arts E3 2013 Conference

Microtransaction stations! Live coverage from 9pm BST / 10pm CEST.

Live: Microsoft E3 2013 Conference

Putting the DRM in drama! Used jokes about second-hand! Get it all here from 5.30pm BST / 6.30pm CEST.

FeatureMicrosoft kills game ownership and expects us to smile

Last time they shipped a console that didn't work by accident. Here's one that doesn't work on purpose.

EGXSplinter Cell, Mighty Quest and more Ubisoft titles playable at Rezzed

Tickets still on sale for 22nd/23rd June show.

Remember Me review

Uncharted territory.

FeatureWhat is the point of Xbox One DRM?

Record and publishing industry studies suggest piracy and used sales may be red herrings.

EGXRezzed 2013 Leftfield Collection line-up unveiled

Gone Home! Gun Monkeys! Reus! Ether One! And many more.

FeatureHands-on with Xbox One

How it looks, caressing the controller, flapping around in front of Kinect 2.0 and hearing about the Skype "vision".

FeatureThe big interview: Phil Harrison on Xbox One, Kinect, indie games and red rings

"I don't have any concerns about reliability whatsoever."

Phil Harrison tries (again) to clarify game ownership, second-hand sales and always-online in Xbox One

Ownership tied to login, there will be a resale mechanism, does require internet connection but not constantly.

EGXRome 2: Total War live code demo confirmed in Rezzed developer sessions schedule

Plus timings for Project Eternity, Dreamfall Chapters, Frozen Endzone and more.

EGXWorking on an indie game? Want to exhibit free at Rezzed? The Leftfield Collection is now accepting submissions

Follow in the footsteps of 2012 stars including Gateways, Guacamelee and Proteus.

"No competitive multiplayer" in next-gen Thief

Despite Eidos Montreal having just finished work on the Tomb Raider equivalent.

Thief next-gen screenshots

Eidos Montreal's reinvention of the famous stealth series.

FeatureThief preview: Deadly Shadows that move

Eidos Montreal brings high-end PC, PS4 and "other next-gen platforms" to bear on the man they call "the master thief".

Thief next-gen artwork

Concept art and in-game models.

What do The Joker, Brandon Lee, a raccoon and an outlaw have in common? They all went into reinventing Garrett

Thief's game director Nicolas Cantin introduces the new "master thief".

FeatureThe Hall of Heroes: BioShock Infinite's Fort Frolic?

One of the game's most interesting spaces explored. Warning: don't read if you haven't finished the game!

FeatureDesign your own games industry CEO

They're dropping like flies. With our help, though, you can build your own business titan and rule over gaming for decades.

Bank holiday update plans!

We'll be taking a rest, same as you, but we've stocked up on things to keep you busy.

Hideo Kojima announces Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are the same game: MGS5. Watch the GDC trailer inside.

VideoTerraria XBLA live stream from 5pm GMT

Ian keeps digging. Join him for a slightly "less noobish" look at Re-Logic's game, released today.

VideoCall of Duty: eSport of the future?

We sent Ian to the European COD Championship finals to see what all the fuss is about.

BioShock Infinite review

Patriot games.

FeatureSo long, John Riccitiello

EA's outgoing CEO has done a lot of things gamers hate, but in a company as large as EA a mixed legacy was probably inevitable.

EGXTickets for Rezzed 2013 on sale now

June 22/23 at the NEC. Developer sessions from Project Eternity, Dreamfall Chapters and more.

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: Voting with your wallets isn't the whole answer to abusive micro-transactions

Cliff Bleszinski makes a reasonable point, but there's more to it.

EGXTickets for Eurogamer Expo 2013 on sale now

Early Bird discounts available. Plus: Virgin Media now sponsoring all our events.

FeatureThe big interview: Sony's Shuhei Yoshida on PS4

"It's more about services than the system."

PlayStation 4 does not require an internet connection

"Social is big for us, but we understand there are some people who are anti-social!"

Sony tells Eurogamer: PlayStation 4 will not block used games

Shuhei Yoshida confirms it. Plus: source tells EG patent wasn't PS4-related.

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: Loving the science, but don't forget the art

The rise of data-driven development has all sorts of benefits, but it shouldn't run the show.

GameHorizon conference sessions to be streamed online

Among other things, Ubisoft will discuss how multiple studios create games like Watch Dogs without tripping on each other.

VideoWatch us play Dead Space 3 live from 3.30pm GMT

In space no one can hear you stream.

VideoHitman HD Trilogy live video stream

Silent Assassin! Contracts! Blood Money! Join us from 3-5pm UK time to see it in action.

FeatureWhy a world in crisis needs GTA now more than ever

GTA holds a mirror up to the world. We need that mirror.

VideoBlack Ops 2 Revolution DLC live stream

Watch us play through the new maps from 3pm UK time onwards.

Digital FoundryDigital Foundry seeking freelance contributors

For face-offs, tech analysis, hardware reviews and bespoke features.

VideoNi no Kuni live stream from 5pm GMT / 6pm CET

Join us for a live playthrough from the start and win stuff.

VideoDmC Devil May Cry live stream today

Watch live gameplay and win stuff from 17:30 GMT / 18:30 CET.

FeatureTrends of 2013: The last console generation

The old model doesn't seem to work any more. Time for a change.

FeatureMade-Up Next-Gen Games of 2013

In the absence of any news, we've had a few guesses.

Eurogamer Reader Survey 2012: Thank You!

A summary of your feedback and stuff about the year ahead.

VideoHands-on gameplay capture from DmC: Devil May Cry

Exclusive footage from a near-complete version.

FeatureEurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2012

Your votes, your comments, your games of the year.

FeatureGames of 2012: DayZ

Diary of the dead.

Eurogamer Christmas update plans

It's not the end of the world.

VideoEurogamer.net Podcast Christmas Quiz 2012!

The podcast returns for a Christmas special where two teams battle for intellectual supremacy and maize-based snacks.

PodcastEurogamer.net Podcast Christmas Quiz 2012!

One host. Two teams. Five rounds. Questionable buzzers. It can only be the return of the famous Christmas quiz podcast! Apologies in advance.

FeatureAre the rich old men ruining Kickstarter?

The true nature of crowd-funding is being obscured by big names and nostalgia.

Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2012 voting

Voting is now closed. Results on 31st December.

Far Cry 3 review

Sunny delight.

Hitman: Absolution review

Brave and bald?

Eurogamer Reader Survey 2012

Last chance to add your views about the site design, editorial and what kind of gamer you are to this year's survey. Thanks!

Editor's Blog: New Editorial Policies

We have updated our "How We Work" page. Check it out.

FeaturePeeling back the layers of Dishonored with Harvey Smith and Raph Colantonio

From Sokolov's first painting to the third floor of the Hound Pits and beyond.