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Atari picking up rights to Ghostbusters?

Dan Aykroyd seems to think so.

Atari may be the new publisher of the Ghostbusters game, according to Dan Aykroyd, co-creator of the franchise and writer of the videogame adaptation.

He was speaking to some US radio station (listened to by Kotaku), and said the newly-housed videogame adaptation was about "a year away" from release.

Atari was unavailable for comment at the time of writing.

The Ghostbusters game had been expected this winter on just about every format, but was one of the titles kicked out into the cold after publisher Sierra (Vivendi) merged with Activision.

THQ has since reportedly picked up 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, but that still leaves action game Wet and Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust homeless.

Not to mention Brutal Legend, the next game from Double Fine Productions of Psychonauts fame.

The most recent rumours claim EA is sniffing around the rock band roadie-action game.