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Assassins line up for Fuse 07

Ubi's music/games event.

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If you're not doing anything next Friday, 2nd November, and you're in the vicinity of London, you might want to consider popping along to the Shepherds Bush Empire to join in with Fuse 07 - a Ubisoft-backed game and music show will feature a gameplay demo of Assassin's Creed among its many stage acts.

The annual event (you may remember last year's Newbury Racecourse affair, as immortalised in The Eurogamer TV Show Episode 3) this year includes musical J-Rock headliners Dir en Grey and British lot Beat Union, and apparently Jam Sessions, the DS music game, "will go head-to-head with real guitars supplied by Gibson in a riff duel", too, which sounds fun.

You can also vote for some of the line-up, as a Gibson-backed Battle of the Bands is currently in the process of selecting four groups to support Dir and Beat over on, where voting seems to be hotting up. Probably. We did sort of glance at the chart.

Anyway, if all that doesn't excite you, there will also be a sneak peek at Tom Clancy's EndWar to look forward to, along with the opportunity to play existing Ubisoft titles, and the final of the Rainbow Six Vegas "Battle of the Clans".

For more information and tickets to this, one of the last events of the London Games Festival (aw), pop over to the special Fuse 07 Myspace page.

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