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Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Discovery Tour launches free next month

Mead your ancestors.

Discovery Tour: Viking Age, the upcoming educational mode for Assassin's Creed Valhalla, will arrive as a free expansion on 19th October.

A standalone version will launch for £16.99 on PC on the same date, and then on PlayStation and Xbox in early 2022. Previous versions launched as part of the Ancient Egypt-set Origins and the Ancient Greece-set Odyssey.

In the past (pun intended), Discovery Tour let you wander the game's world and take part in interactive tours, or examine historical objects and locations to learn about their real-world origins. In contrast, Viking Age will be more narrative-led, and let you "step into the shoes of Viking and Anglo-Saxon characters from the time while living out their stories and adventures".

There's no fantasy Assassins or Templars here, then, but you do get to run around as other characters. Which is fun!

Ubisoft is set to reveal further details on what exactly to expect from this latest Discovery Tour closer to 19th October.

Last week, Ubisoft bulked up Valhalla's fun but repetitive river raiding mode with three new maps and more cosmetics to chase.

Valhalla will soon reach its first anniversary, following the launch of three free seasonal festivals, two big paid expansions and a handful of other modes. What's next? Well, the game will likely soon celebrate Halloween, or Samhain, before turning its attention to a second year of post-launch support. Signs point to a fiery return for Valhalla's mystical realms, as well as the unexpected return of a past Assassin's Creed fan-favourite.

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