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Ubisoft fixes big The Division exploit

Divide and conquer.

UPDATE 25/4/16 9.45am We've since learned the enemy AI glitch reported by some players and mentioned below does not work after all. But that's not to say the game is now working as intended - far from it. Here's a rundown of all The Division glitches, as collated by the community.

ORiGINAL STORY 22/4/16 10.30am Ubisoft has won an important battle in its fight against players glitching their way to The Division's best loot, but the community has already discovered a workaround for the developer's previous patch, rolled out only yesterday.

The developer applied a new hotfix to the game last night which removed the ability to stack talents. This has killed off a powerful exploit which let players boost their gun's strength by rapidly switching weapons.

The change was detailed on the Ubisoft forum:

But as Ubisoft closes one door, another opens.

Yesterday's fix, we reported on only yesterdayaimed at stopping players rinsing The Division's toughest boss, has already been negated.

A fresh method for easily beating the Falcon Lost incursion has been found. This time, it involves tricking the game's NPCs into killing the boss for you.

The past 24 hours encapsulates the uphill struggle Ubisoft currently faces in its fight to fix The Division - or at least make the online shooter a little more watertight. And none of the above even touches on the game's PC version, where players complain every day about the number of hacks available.

It's good to see Ubisoft trying to improve The Division - but it's also clear the developer still has a very long way to go.

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