Death Stranding - Episode 9 missions list: How to complete Orders 63 and 64 and bring Edge Knot City into the Chiral Network

How to complete the chiral network.

Death Stranding Episode 8 - Higgs begins as soon as you find a way to cross the tar belt at the end of Episode 8.

You're journey to reconnect America is now at the final stretch, the aim to bring Edge Knot City into the Chiral Network. There are, of course, a few obstacles in your way - namely Higgs himself.

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If you're looking for more from the critical path, our Death Stranding walkthrough can help.

How to begin Death Stranding Episode 9

First, connect the Distribution Center North of Edge Knot City into the chiral network. It's just a short walk away to the west, and there will be no obstacles in your way.


You'll be given the rewards 'Distribution Center North of Edge Knot City added to UCA, Remote-Detonation Grenade Launcher, and Order 63.

Order 63: Network Activation Key Delivery: Edge Knot City

  • Objective: Take the cargo to Edge Knot City to the south.
  • Tips: First, make sure you pack at least one ladder and one ripe with you. Though this looks like a short distance, you have to get there by foot, and it's crawling with enemies. In the first half - until just after the chiral network coverage cuts out - you'll encounter a new type of BT - the jellyfish. These things are fairly simple - when you get close, they will slowly float down then explode. If you are near you'll be covered in tar and incur damage - but not so much you need to worry about getting too far away from them. Make your way through the rubble and, about halfway, regular BTs will show up. They increase in number the further you go, but you should be able to either sneak or stealth up to them and cut the cords without getting spotted easily enough. This entire section is fairly simple as long as you take your time.
  • Unlocks: Adds 'Edge Knot City' to UCA Chiral Network, Quadruple Rocket Launcher

Tomorrow is finally in our hands! Our Death Stranding walkthrough outlines how to play through the main story, including Episode 3 missions, the Small Thermonuclear Device and how to find a way to change Lockne's mind, find a way to cross the tar belt and make a decision, and bring this to an end. As you play, you can find Memory Chip locations, unlock pre-order bonuses and have to learn how to fight BTs and Mules, how Death Stranding multiplayer works, and to help you get around easier, how to get a bike and how to unlock fast travel in Death Stranding. Finally, the PC version has exclusive Death Stranding Half-Life cross-over quests.

Order 64: Rescue Amelie and Find the source of the noise

First, leave your private room and load up on some effective weaponry, specifically explosive projectiles such as the Quadruple Rocket Launcher and / or Grenade Launcher you've recently unlocked - and several blood bags.


This towering BT has a weak point you need to focus on - Higgs - who emerges out of the gold part of its body. As the battle progresses, Higgs will shift around, from the chest to the shoulder and stomach.

The game won't often advertise when or where he moves, so keep an eye out for the large gold patches.


As you're aiming up and firing projectiles, you should be constantly moving around the giant BT to make sure you avoid the tentacles - which can be avoided at a walking pace - and other projectiles coming your way.

If you run out of ammo or Blood Bags, you'll find they will spawn all around you. Also, whether or not you need to grab any supplies from the field, it's worth occasionally shifting position on the battlefield.


Jellyfish will land in the arena and can cause damage if you stumble into them by accident, so it's worth clearing them out - simple hermetic rounds from a hand gun or assault rifle will do.

The other attack to be wary of are gold BTs that swim through the tar and come after you. These are hard to predict and avoid - you can occasionally see them swim after you if you are looking down, but often they will take you by surprise.

If they do, you'll drop all your cargo, so struggle free and grab it all before moving on again.


If you lose your cargo, or run out of Blood Bags, remember to re-equip them the next time you pick one up. Easy to forget!

Ultimately, if you do get dragged under or die, you'll actually spawn back in this arena, with your cargo at your feet, and with the boss's health at what you just left it at - so little is at risk.


Once this is done, Order 65 will unlock - which has you Find a way to go after Higgs.

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