Modern Warfare Watches explained: How to earn a Watch, Season 1 Watches list

Everything you need to know about the mysterious cosmetic unlockable.

Modern Warfare Watches are cosmetic unlockables you can wear in multiplayer and co-op modes.

You can equip a Watch within your 'Weapons' part of the multiplayer or co-op menu, where you'll find an option for to equip them.

However, you cannot access this until you earn a Watch to unlock Watch Select first. And, up until the launch of Season 1, the only way to get them to spend some cash.

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How to earn a Watch in Modern Warfare

Despite being told you have to "earn" a Watch, unlike other cosmetic items such as Blueprints and Charms, there's seemingly no way to earn them at launch within the game's many progression systems at launch.

Instead, you have to go 'outside' of the game to earn a watch through three known methods:

  • Buy a Battle Pass then earn them through play. For example, Season 1 offers four Watches to unlock - all of which listed below.
  • Purchasing a pack from the Store. For example, at launch there was the Endowment Defender Pack DLC from the Store (which cost £7.99 in the UK) which will give you a variety of cosmetic unlocks including the 'Old School' Watch, with proceeds from each purchase going to the The Call of Duty Endowment charity.
  • Finally, certain food brands offer codes which unlock Watches. For example in the US, you can get a Watch by acquiring two codes from buying select Totino's products (thanks xxkobrakaixx on reddit for confirming this), such as Totino's Pizza Rolls, Mini Snack Bites and Multi-Pack Party Pizza.
A look at the 'Old School' watch unlocked as part of the Endowment Defender Pack DLC pack.

Modern Warfare Season 1 Watches list

Buying the Battle Pass is one of the more reliable and cost effective way of earning Watches in Modern Warfare, as it gives you access to a host of other unlocks along the way.

The catch, of course, is you have to earn them by unlocking each tier by levelling up the Battle Pass before the Season ends in early February. If you don't get them all by then, chances are they're gone for good.

Skilltrack 55 (Instant Reward from Season 1 Battle Pass):


Keele Campaign Silver (Tier 33 reward from Season 1 Battle Pass):


Disco Stud (Tier 62 reward from Season 1 Battle Pass):


Life Support (Tier 93 reward from Season 1 Battle Pass)


All known Watches coming to Modern Warfare

As well as the two above Watches, we do know there are many other Watches coming to Modern Warfare.

Though we don't know their unlock methods or even their names, a leak on reddit has revealed a useful image showing what to expect, including a few that don't tell the time at all, such as counters for kills, steps taken and even a Tamagotchi-style virtual pet, named the Tomagunchi:

Image credit: Senescallo on reddit

These are likely to be available in future Battle Passes or as store purchases. For example, Activision has already confirmed the Tomagunchi will be a Store purchase, so keep you eyes peeled for when it becomes available.

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What else do we know about Watches in Modern Warfare?

A Watch essentially serves a cosmetic purpose only, but there are multiple ways in which it can be 'used' in-game.

For one, it'll be visible on the wrist of your Operator as you play, giving you an additional way to personalise the look of your loadouts during matches.

The second is by using a specific gesture, 'Check Watch', which will raise the Watch towards the screen to give you a closer look. This is already available in your list of emotes, so feel free to equip it whenever you have a moment.


The third 'use' it has is... telling the time. As confirmed by Infinity Ward art director Joel Emslie on reddit, the watch will actually tell the local time wherever you are by reading your console or PC clock, which is a pretty neat touch, and a possibly useful reminder to wrap up that late night multiplayer session with work looming the next day.

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