I like to think I'm pretty nifty at Tetris 99. I've won twice now, which is two more than all my previous victories in all other battle royale games put together.

But then I saw these two go at it.

The tweet below shows the endgame of a Tetris 99 match that culminates with one hell of a high-level standoff. What you're seeing here is Japanese Tetris legend Amemiya end up in a 1v1 with fellow amazing Japanese Tetris player Mattyan, viewed from the perspective of Amemiya.

In the early stages of the video we see Amemiya focus on creating standard Tetris opportunities as quickly as possible as he faces constant pressure from Mattyan. We then see Amemiya attempt to create a situation where he combos line clears, thus sending bonus lines to his opponent.

When that doesn't deal with Mattyan, we see Amemiya level up his play even further, creating T-spins at breakneck speed. This is superb stuff - T-spins send bonus lines to your opponent, so they're a great way of putting out a lot of pressure - but they're really hard to master.

It's worth remembering that the longer a game goes on, the shorter time it takes for junk to fill your screen following an incoming alert. And of course, the longer the game goes on, the faster the blocks fall from the top of the screen.

After just over two minutes of blistering battle, Amemiya finally wears down Mattyan and places first. And breathe! For me, it's a Tetris 99 endgame clip that rivals any endgame clip I've seen from the likes of Fortnite or PUBG. But then I am really, really into Tetris.

"The game of the highest level in the history that has been doing Tetris 99!!" wrote Amemiya on Twitter, via Google translate. "Hot."

Hot Tetris action indeed. Now, it's time to work on those T-spins.

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