Apex Legends weapon damage stats are probably the first thing you'll want to start digging into when you start to take the game a bit more seriously - or if you just want to lord it over your mates with a bit of extra knowledge.

Here, we'll run through all the essential weapon stats uncovered so far, as well as provide our picks for the best Apex Legends weapons in each category, and towards the start we also run through a quick explanation of all the most exciting stuff like methodology and genuinely good-to-know things before you go diving into the numbers.

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Apex Legends weapon damage stats explained

Apex Legends has a moderate selection of weapons available at launch - although we can expect more to come over time - and there's a decent amount of variety there, once you get a little time with each of them.

You can inspect your gun (and maybe twirl it around a bit) by holding Left on the D-pad or N on the keyboard.

Personal preference is always a factor but, in terms of hard stats, below you'll find a breakdown of weapon by category featuring all the numbers we know so far. It's not quite as detailed as our similar weapon guides, like this one for PUBG weapon damage stats, as there's an absence of datamined information for things like fire rate, which is required for figures like DPS and, importantly, time-to-kill (TTK).

Still, we have a general idea of fire rate which we take into account in our section on personal picks for the best Apex Legends weapons, further below, and we will of course add to these stats if and when more data becomes available! For now, here are the raw numbers - as tested and confirmed in the game's test range that you can access yourself from the main menu. There are also a few other things to know before diving into the lovely pile of numbers below - here's a quick rundown:

Things to know about Apex Legends weapons and damage

  • Maximum HP for any character is 200 - 100 base health plus 25 health for each level of shield (up to four, for Puple/Gold shields).
  • Helmets don't add HP, but instead seem to make you more resistant to headshots, although we haven't been able to test extactly to what extent yet.
  • In the tables below, if a weapon does burst damage we've noted the damage of one bullet from that burst fire, the same as it's one bullet's worth of damage for full-auto weapons.
  • Similarly, for 'spread' weapons like shotguns or the Triple Take, we've counted the damage for if all projectiles hit the target successfully.
  • Many - but not all - weapons can expand their magazine size with attachments found from looting, which makes a significant difference to their viability - so it's worth searching for extended magazines, in particular!
  • As mentioned in our whopping list of Apex Legends tips, tricks and little-known features, you can view weapon damage as you're fighting in-game - there are different settins for it in the menus, but the default shows the total damage from all your hits in a burst, with a single damage number updating as you land another hit (from 16, to 32, to 48, etc.).
  • This damage is also colour-coded, according to your enemy's armour, which is good to know - yellow for headshots, purple for purple/gold shields, blue for blue shields, white for common shields, and red for true damage when their shields are down. There's also a shattering sound when you smash through their shields in combat, too.

Apex Legends damage charts and damage stats

Alright, with those little bits of housekeeping out of the way, here are all the numbers and details we've confirmed for weapons so far, from our own testing in-game.


Sniper Rifle and DMR damage stats:

WeaponAmmo TypeFire Rate TypeMag SizeBodyHeadshotAvailability
Kraber .50-CalSpecialBolt-action4125250Supply Pods
Triple TakeEnergySingle569138Standard
Longbow DMRHeavySingle555110Standard
G7 ScoutLightSingle103060Standard

Assault Rifle (AR) and Light Machine Gun (LMG) damage stats:

WeaponAmmo TypeFire Rate TypeMag SizeBodyHeadshotAvailability
M600 Spitfire (LMG)HeavyAuto352040Standard
Hemlok Burst ARHeavyBurst / Single181836Standard
Devotion (LMG)HeavyAuto441734Standard
VK-47 FlatlineHeavyAuto / Single201632Standard
R-301LightAuto / Single181428Standard

Submachine Gun (SMG) damage stats:

WeaponAmmo TypeFire Rate TypeMag SizeBodyHeadshotAvailability
ProwlerHeavyBurst of 5201421Standard

Shotgun damage stats:

WeaponAmmo TypeFire Rate TypeMag SizeBodyHeadshotAvailability
MastiffSpecialSingle4144288Supply Pods
EVA-8 AutoShotgunAuto86390Standard

Pistol damage stats:

WeaponAmmo TypeFire Rate TypeMag SizeBodyHeadshotAvailability
RE-45 AutoLightAuto151116Standard

Want more Apex Legends explainers? Our huge list of Apex Legends tips, tricks and little-known features is a great place to start, otherwise we have specific pages on Apex Legends weapon damage stats and the best Apex Legends weapons, the available Apex Legends characters and classes explained, the current Apex Legends roadmap for future updates, details on Apex Legends cross-platform support, a closer look at the first Apex Legends map, features, and new maps that may come in the future, and finally a runthrough of all Apex Legends Nessy locations for the Loch Ness monster easter egg.

The best Apex Legends weapons, and our reasons why

It's a little early to come out with a definitive tier list for Apex Legends weapons, as you normally need a little while with battle royale games in particular for the overall 'meta' to settle down a bit.

With that in mind, here are some of our favourites so far, at this early stage, and some notes on why exactly we're such fans of them.


Our picks for the best weapons in Apex Legends

  • The two special weapons, only accessible from supply drops - the Mastiff shotgun and Kraber sniper rifle - are obviously the best in the game in terms of raw damage and utility, but of course the chances are pretty slim that you'll actually get on in a particular round. They're the only two weapons that can one-hit-kill any enemy with maximum armour, however, dealing out over 200 damage for headshots, and enough to take down anyone with a standard shield with a single body shot.
  • As for regular weapons, the R-99 SMG is the streamer's choice and ours too - its relatively low damage per hit is offset by a rapid rate-of-fire and decent sized magazine, that means you can afford to miss a couple of shots from a full burst and still get the kill, as opposed to the chugging, painfully slow rate-of-fire of others like the Alternator (which is one to avoid).
  • The Longbow DMR is a great shout for a long range option, thanks to its hefty damage (at the cost of a slow fire rate) and large amount of attachment slots, meaning its heavily upgradable if you loot efficiently.
  • The R-301 is a good all-purpose option, thanks to its relatively high rate of fire and abundant Light ammo type, whilst both LMGs - the Devotion and Spitfire - are great options but require some practise to deal with the pretty wild bullet spread at anything from medium distances upwards.
  • Finally, there are two solid pistol options for close-quarters stuff, if you're lacking an R-99 - the RE-45 Auto is a great SMG replacement, and the Wingman is a good revolver-style weapon that deals out very hefty damage, at a slow rate of fire. Great if you're accurate, but awful if you're a panic-shooter (opt for the RE-45 in that case instead!).

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