Sea of Thieves' Kraken is probably the most formidable enemy you'll face in the game, at least for now, but how to find the Kraken is a little easier said than done.

Here on this page we'll detail everything we know about the Kraken itself, how and when it appears, how you can try and track it down and, of course, how to defeat the Kraken when it does decide to wrap those nasty tentacles around your poor little boat.

Sea of Thieves Kraken location - how to find the Kraken

In short, you don't find the Kraken; the Kraken finds you.

Cliches aside though the main thing to know about Sea of Thieves' Kraken is that it essentially appears at random - albeit only out at sea in proper, deep water, rather than in the shallows by land.


One point that some in the community are making is that it only attacks fully-manned, four-person galleons - presumably so that you always have at least a chance of fending it off - but there are some who have mentioned seeing it on the two-player sloops.

That said, it could well be just because they're also near other, four-person galleons themselves.

What you can take away from this is that it's almost certainly more likely that you'll find the Kraken in a four-person crewed galleon than in a sloop, but it's not impossible to find it in a sloop, especially if there are other galleons neabry.

The other thing to know is what to actually look out for when the Kraken attacks. The main thing is the sea: when the Kraken is about to appear, the sea will turn a murky black around your ship, adding a rather unsettling bit of suspense before the attack itself.

Then, it's the obvious things - like giant tentacles - that give it away, and you don't have long after the water starts to turn before they appear.

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How to defeat the Sea of Thieves Kraken

When the Kraken attacks, it's best to start with the basic principles of ship combat that we outline in our Sea of Thieves sailing guide.

Essentially, that means coordination and dividing up tasks between you, Adam Smith style, to make you the most efficient crew possible.

The Kraken seems to start by raising its tentacles up out of the water, which you can immediately start attacking with cannons and ranged weapons, but after the it'll start to slam its tentacles down on the ship, and occasionally grab one of the crew members and chuck them overboard.

On a four-player galleon, we recommend one person gets straight below deck to focus on repairs, priotising patching up holes first and bailing out water second - bailing water is also a good way to stall for time if you run out of wooden planks and need someone else to come and deposite a few in the store.

Two people should be manning cannons and aiming for the tentacles. Land as many direct hits on them as possible, of course, and don't forget to rotate to the other side of the ship, too! The main point to aim at is the tip of the tentacles, where they split into a kind of horrible star-shaped mouth, which seems to take extra damage when struck, but aiming for that is risky if you're a wonky shot - you can still take it down by landing consistent "body" shots to the main tentacle arms instead.


Finally, one person should be left to steer, and manage the anchor and sails, filling in where necessary if they need to (for example, if someone on the cannons gets hurled overboard...) and firing off a few rounds from their firearm if they're spare, especially if they can land hits on the tentacle "mouths".

If this is you, your main task is keeping the ship lined up and stable, communicate directions to your crewmates, and also stay prepared for fleeing (keeping an eye on the wind and sails in particular) if you need to do so as a last resort!

Kraken loot explained - what do you get for killing the Kraken?

Ssadly, there's no specific Kraken loot, at least in-game. Despite some early whispers of special Kraken loot that were doing the rounds through the community, you'll only get the "Kraken Good Time" Xbox Achievement if you manage to kill the monster.

You'll also get a nice big chest pumped full of self-pride, if that's any consolation, and the genera bragging rights. But self-pride is alright, we guess, and at least it fits with Sea of Thieves' rather analogue theme, anyway.

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